Andrew is an undergraduate student at Portland State University, pursuing a degree in Mathematics.

From a young age I’ve been constantly engaged in the theory and design of code projects. Early on I expressed my love for programming by creating navigation systems and pathing algorithms in a game called ROBLOX. Probably not the most conventional activity for an 8 year old. Later I came to express this more by joining an FLL team. I quickly set a standard for the robotics code I’d continue to develop through high school: unconventional but quick and highly automated. Throughout the years I’ve worked on different projects ranging from web applications through PerfectMenu and Manzama, to more solid projects such as an Arduino club and a cheap infra-red laser-tag gun. My experience has been shaped by opportunity and determination. I’ve been lucky enough to connect with mentors in technical fields and through them and my interests have been constantly immersed in professionals and mentors who actually cared and helped me. I’ve also held onto a determination that has pushed me through the few gaps my mentors left, teaching myself everything from optimization of pathing to data mining tactics. My experience has also, in reverse, shaped me. My many differing projects and interests have pushed me to seek out challenges that are unique or interesting. Applications such as prosthetic design, neural interfacing, audio/visual processing, and automated robotics are my primary interests. Simply put, I like solving problems. 

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